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Our experienced and innovative lawyers bring a whole universe of experience and knowledge to each case. We understand that the world is constantly changing and you may be confronted by a confusing array of regulations, questions, and occasional disputes. Check out our areas of expertise and call us with your legal questions today.

Practices: Practice Areas
Medical Record Analysis


  • Review of corporate structure and documentation, leases, agreements, employee relationships, and referral arrangements to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations

  • Review of all aspects of the file preparation and billing practices, including proper fee schedule (both codified and based on current case law), as well as the sufficiency of medical documentation

  • Review of protocols for bill submission and responding to verification requests

  • Assist with insurance investigators, site inspections, prepare and accompany providers to Examinations Under Oath

  • Pursue collection of outstanding bills through litigation and arbitration

  • Declaratory Judgment defense

Legal Representation


Establishing corporations and partnerships, loan agreements, mergers, acquisitions, and buyout, shareholder, partnership, and other corporate agreement, contracts, representation of buyers and sellers of businesses, shareholder disputes, breach of contract actions, debt collection 

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